Syncing Forever


I was wondering if you might have some advice on my apparent Sync Forever problem that sounds like it’s gonna destroy my hard drive?

I’m working on a document that’s about 65,000 characters at present and sync’d to Google Drive. As I’m editing StackEdit seems to go into a forever sync mode, meaning that it just never seems to stop. And if I just stop editing it seems to go on for more than five minutes synching.

I really like the idea of sync as I’m working on this document on multiple machines though it’s currently only about 1/10th the size it’s gonna be before it gets finished. Should I turn off the sync and just save to my drive periodically and then copy to Google Drive to get at it from another device? Or have I just missed something somewhere?


Can you try to :

  • See if there are errors in the JavaScript console (in the developer tools of your browser) and send it to me in a private message.
  • See if there is network traffic during sync in the network tab (in the developer tools of your browser) and send the recurring HTTP requests to me in a private message (or full network logs).



The tendency is to look for your lost keys where the light is best! :grinning:

I restarted my computer and started editing and things seem to be fine. The sync takes just a couple of seconds. If the situation happens again I will check the console and HTTP requests and send you a message. Sorry to be chicken little with the sky falling all the time.

I love the environment!