Loving Stackedit! Some suggestions!


I love how easy Stackedit makes it to get into writing my notes in markdown. I’m not even a software developer. In fact, I bet lots people could adopt stack edit without even needing the markdown support.

There are a few nagging concerns that make me nervous to exporting everything from evernote and going all-in on stackedit:

  1. Can’t easily add images to notes (copy from clipboard, or drag from file).
    In my mind, if you have your notes attached to dropbox/google drive/etc, this should all be possible. Definitely should be a paid feature.

  2. I have a few files in my file hierarchy that refuse to be moved to different folders or deleted. I sync with google drive, so maybe there is some mush in the sync engine/algorithm is causing my frustration.

  3. The author of stackedit must be brilliant, but I’d love to see a paid team behind this so that I can be assured of its continued development/support. Please shut up and take my money!

  4. ^ if we solve for the above, can we please have native mobile apps with offline access and sync? I’d be happy to pay for the mobile app (or unlock paid features like offline sync).

Great job and please keep up the great work!


Issac, for several years I’ve been using https://cloudinary.com to manage images. Not only does it give one an easy way to have a URL reference for an image it has tons of manipulations it will apply to images when you reference them. After several years and several thousand images I’ve yet to reach the limits of the free version of this environment.