Is StackEdit being maintained?


I’m new to StackEdit, and I’m wondering if the tool has an active author ? Seems like the github repo hasn’t seen any commits since July of 2019 ?



As of Feb 8, 2021, StackEdit developer Benoit Schweblin last posted in this forum on January 3, 2019 and was last in the forum on March 5, 2019 (based on the “seen” date).

Benoit last updated the StackEdit GitHub repo on July 8, 2019 when he deployed v5.14.5.


Flamenco’s Pro version was last updated on Dec 19, 2019.

This pull request by Flemenco makes it clear that he is not Benoit.

Flemenco’s design is too cluttered, and it seems weird that his private effort to monetize the work is not supporting Benoit.


I’d like to see StackEdit integrated with Discourse, the backend of this excellent forum, which is also used by Code for America. Would be cool to store edited files on GitHub.

A link to the most active fork could be added on this Github issue regarding whether StackEdit is being maintained.