How do I get diagrams?


When I searched I found the URL which appears to be SteckEdit v4 while the /app URL appears to be SE v5. The problem is, there are working diagrams (sequence andflow) in the /editor example document, but copying the code for those diagrams into my /app URL window only shows the code rendered as code-text, no diagram.

How do I get rendered diagrams?


I use v5 ( and was able to get the same code from the welcome document to work. Are you sure you copied it in its entirety? Here is the flow chart code from my welcome document.

graph LR
A[Square Rect] -- Link text --> B((Circle))
A --> C(Round Rect)
B --> D{Rhombus}
C --> D

Here’s the code for a flow chart I made that works for me.

graph BT

E{Power supply}
G[Dual monitor supported]

B -- micro HDMI to **mini** HDMI--> A
C -- USB* --> B
D -- USB* --> B
E -- 5.1V / 3.0A DC output --> B
F -- 96-264Vac operating input range --> E
B -- micro HDMI to HDMI --> G

You need to copy the three backtick marks (`) at the beginning and end too. That’s the symbol found at the top left of your keyboard (assuming you have a standard American QWERTY keyboard), directly to the left of the number 1.

Make sure the whole first line is there, including the word mermaid.