How do I add comments?


Overall new user of StackEdit, so appologies…

When I add a bulleted list item, to the left of that, a talk bubble appears, and if I click that, I can add a comment in that point in the file. But I can’t determine how to add comments anywhere else in the file. Seems odd as I can’t think of any reason that you’d only want to comment on a bulleted list.

Is there another function I’m missing? Is there a help file somewhere that would point this out to me?


Hi Geoff,

Another newbie here. I’m not sure I understand your question. Never saw a talk bubble appear.
If you’re talking about comments meant for yourself, the author, that you don’t want to appear in the rendered html, maybe this part of my notes would be useful.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


To add a comment to anywhere in a file, select the text you wish to comment on. You should see the comment icon appear in the left margin of the editor.