Google Drive Workspace only shows welcome file?


Hi, friends. n00b here.

I connected StackEdit to my Google account and created a workspace. The workspace contains one simple file for now. (I can supply a picture, but the security won’t let me because I am a new user to this community :frowning: )

But no matter how many times I refresh or re log-in in StackEdit, only the Welcome file shows up, and not my one file in the workspace. Even if I “Open With…” from Google Drive and select StackEdit, I get a new window with just the Welcome file.

Here’s what that window looks like. It says (on the right) that I’m connected to the correct Google Drive workspace.

Just for fun, I moved the Welcome file to the trash in StackEdit, but as you can see above, it’s still in the main directory in Google Drive.

How do I access my files from StackEdit?


Here’s a picture of StackEdit not showing me the file:


Is Raspberry Pi Setup a file that you originally created in stackedit?


In this case, yes. I’ve tried this both ways: 1) I created the file in StackEdit and restarted my browser only to find the file “gone” in StackEdit (but visible in Google Drive) and 2) I seeded a .md file directly into Google Drive and looked for it in StackEdit–didn’t find it.


I am also experiencing this. My coworkers who have added my shared workspace are not getting the new files or updates. When they clicked the sync button they got an error “cannot read property 0 of undefined”


Ping on this? Seems like an issue several of us have had.


I’m having a similar issue I believe.

I have a file of .md files already in my Google Drive. I’m wanting to connect StackEdit to those, and no matter what I try, it seems StackEdit just can’t see all of the files. Some of them show up in the file picker, but way less than half.

No idea why it will not show all files when I attempt to import a file or open a file from Google Drive. It’s rather frustrating.


Have you tried explicitly re-opening the workspace that contains the new file you created?
I’ve noticed that StackEdit always reverts to the Main Workspace each time you open it, so the files you created in another workspace aren’t visible. But they’re there once you open the second workspace.

It’s possible to create a shortcut directly to the other workspace. Tap and hold on the second workspace to copy the link, then paste it to desktop), On Android, I found I had to use a shortcut maker app to create the shortcut, Chrome wouldn’t offer the usual 'Create shortcut on Home Screen` option…


Good information thanks for sharing


Great. This is really very valuable.


Hi some StackEdit users have this issue from time to time. There are several solutions to find out about which you can search for videos in which the authors show solutions to problems with access in StackEdit. I found about ten of these videos there. and in most cases about 77 thousand subscribers were subscribed to them! I am sure this is due to the fact that the owners of such accounts used the services of in order to wind up subscribers on YouTube.