Custom Settings per Workspace?


Hello! I do wonder if there is a more active community somewhere for Stackedit? This place seems a little abandoned :o:

Anyways, I have currently 3 workspaces set up, 1 to my Google Drive I figure to sync app data, I don’t write anything to there, but then I have two other workspaces each linked to the same Gitlab but different branches for different blogs of mine, I just added the second one today… That all works fine but I have custom settings from the first gitlab space which create “default content for new files” but I would like the default content to be different for my second workspace, I would actually like a few of the settings to be different in the second gitlab space… If I change these settings while the workspace I want to change is “current”, will the settings only effect THAT workspace?

I remember having a little bit of trouble getting the settings to work how I wanted them because I kept getting parsing errors when I was setting them up for the first workspace, but now that they are how I want for workspace 1, I don’t want to mess around with them to ‘test’ this for the second workspace if it is just going to screw up my first workspace too.

So, can we have separate settings per workspace?


Where are you accessing your workspace settings?