Create a new custom keyboard shortcut?


As a user of the web app, can I create custom keyboard shortcuts for my own commonly used tasks?

It seems like the Settings YAML would provide for that option, and there is a reference to the Mousetrap documentation, but I’m not sure how to tie these two things together. Does one simply start typing JavaScript code into the YAML settings editor, or … ?

I searched high and low for a simple example of a custom keyboard shortcut, and found a reference to someone trying to do something complex with JavaScript, but I’m lacking the critical piece of information as to where one would put all of that JavaScript code…


Not exactly getting a lot of traction on this; is there another forum where one can go to get StackEdit answers? A more active forum? Or am I better off on Superuser or Stackoverflow?


Created a post on the webapps stackexchange:

A bit disappointing that there is no traction here, not even a response to say “sorry, you can’t do that.” I’m guessing StackEdit isn’t actually actively developed anymore?


Might be true that it isn’t being developed anymore.
I have started using stackedit, and only know how to change the theme to dark lol.
Sorry, I have no idea regarding your question.


True, the js code doesn’t work in YAML custom settings


From what I can tell, it is possible. If you click the menu in the top right, scroll down to settings than you can change the settings. For example, typing

colorTheme: dark

would change it to dark mode. For shortcuts you would do something like this:

  mod+b: bold    

This would change the bold command from ctrl+shift+b to ctrl+b
For more info on how this works, you can head to this website Link


Think you’re missing the point; I’m looking for the ability to create custom shortcuts – ones that require JavaScript coding. This seems to have been supported at one point, but am not sure if it still is.