Automatically add notes from Google Drive folder?


Hi everyone!

I’m not a big fan of editing text in Chrome on the go, so I searched for a viable solution on the Play Store and I found Neutrinote which seems like one. I already use FolderSync, so I set up a sync of the notes made with Neutrinote to the StackEdit folder on my Google Drive.

Few bugs came (e.g. Neutrinote only picks up *.txt files), which I found the solution to, but one that really bugs me that StackEdit does not add new files as note from a Drive folder automatically.

So if I make a new note on my mobile, that will sync to the right folder, but when I open StackEdit on my laptop I have to add that note manually.
Is there something I miss here? Or this is how StackEdit should work?


You could use a Google Drive workspace for that.