Are there keyboard shortcuts for bolding or italicizing?


I use the web app for editing markdown files. However, I notice that there are no keyboard shortcuts for generic tools like marking a word or phrase in bold or italics. For example, if a word is highlighted and I press CTRL + b, I’d like to see that word to have double asterisks (**) before and after (which indicates bolding).

I definitely would love to see this feature rolled out!


You can use ctrl+shift+b for bold, ctrl+shift+i for italics, and so on. The list of available kb shortcuts is in the default settings tab in the settings menu.

hope that helps! :grinning:


Curious why the keyboard shortcut isn’t the default binding for Bold and Italic (ie. cmd+b/ctrl+b or cmd+i/ctrl+i)?

Seems like such an unforced error to make it so counterintuitive. Really gives me pause on what the UX thinking was to add that extra layer of difference from most other editors.

And, is there any way to change this so that it works like every other editor I’ve used in the last 30 years?