What's the difference between StackEdit and StackEditPro?


From where I look it’s confusing. They both look the same. Who is who? Is StackEditPro made by the StackEdit people, with the intention to get some well deserved income, once the beta phase is over?
Anyway, all the best to all of you!


Wow, I’m impressed by your collective polite silence :wink:

Part of me is very lazy and wants answers without effort…
I presume you all know the difference between StackEdit and StackEditPro.

But for newcomers like me:

Stackedit is created and maintained by benweet.
StackEditPro is a spoon fork of Stackedit, which claims to have “hundreds of additional features geared towards professional workflows and enhanced productivity.”

StackEdit is open source, StackEditPro is apache licence too, but does not share its code…


That’s good to know about that fork, though a lot of the UI could look better in Firefox, due to using default styling for textboxes, and other various reasons…

That’s really too bad it’s not open source though. What a shame.