Unique URLs per Note/Folder?


Does anyone know how to link to a specific note/folder in stackedit?

It seems like the url is static per workspace.

Ideally the url is of format:

Thank you.


That’s not possible at the moment with the v5. Can you explain your use case?


Hi Ben - thanks for the interest.

I use unique URLs to reference in my task/project management tool (Asana for work, Gqueues for personal).

For example:
I am at work typing notes during a meeting, and while typing notes, I include some follow up questions, action items, and content/context that I want to include/reference in the task that gets created. Right now, I can only link to my entire stackedit drive, so I have to go through a few extra steps to specify the exact name of the note.

Asana and Gqueues both have a handy Chrome plugin that allows one to create a task from the page/url a user is currently on, and the ideal workflow would allow me to use those plugins to create tasks from my stackedit note pages.
eg for Gqueues: https://www.gqueues.com/help/chromeExtension#create