The PWA is obsessively prompting me to login to Google every few minutes


Hey everybody. I’m using the StackEdit PWA as “stand-alone” app on my Android devices & Linux desktop.

It’s always been a little odd that it prompts me to log in to Google so often when it was just half of the time when I opened it but recently it’s been asking me a dozen times a day. Is anyone else having this issue?

The weird thing is I don’t even publish to Google. I mostly use GitHub (or export locally) and I’ve only been asked to sign in once. I’d rather just use GitHub for identity purposes & leave Google alone.


Yes, I’m having the same issue. I assume it’s happening as it tries to sync to Drive, but I have no idea why it does it so often.


Same here,

It seems, that with every sync, app is required to re-authenticate with google — every single time:

I suspect it’s derived from google/chrome change to authentication policy.

I changed mine settings so that app doesn’t sync as frequently – less annoying, as with every authentication it throws out new tab, and after being closed, jumps to last tab. Incredibly annoying if it’s other than what it was before authentication.

Fortunately, authentication doesn’t seem to happen, when app is out of focus (makes sense: nothing to sync when nothing is modified).


It seems Google has lot of trust issues lately (among others towards stackedit):

This might be assosiocated: StackEdit on GSuite Marketplace stopped working