Technical problem: doesnt work on chrome, but does on firefox - what settings need to be on?

  • js was on

  • cookies was on

does it need other cookies or something?

what settings need to be on?

or what are the steps to troubleshoot?


Really? Are you sure it’s not the other way around? I’m not the only one who has had trouble getting it to work on Firefox, but no problem on Chrome.

Then again, the folks who have had difficulty on Firefox seem to have been regular Firefox users, with Chrome as a backup, and they’ve been able to “fix” the issue by “completely resetting” Firefox, whatever that means.

But if you’re a regular Chrome user, with Firefox as a backup, then maybe you do have a similar problem, and have to really clear out Chrome. Don’t ask me what that entails.


that doesnt make any sense, or do you have any evidence why that would work for firefox?

anyhow, anyone from stackedit that knows what’s going on in chrome?


The evidence is the link that I provided. Some user was unable to get StackEdit working in Firefox, but was able to get it to work in Chrome. I had the exact same symptoms. And a third posted the issue to GitHub, if you need more evidence. There may be even more that I haven’t found.

In both of the other cases that I know of, the users were eventually able to get StackEdit working in Firefox by “resetting” it somehow. It could be as minor as removing a few files or as major as uninstalling and reinstalling. I am reluctant to go as far as reinstalling Firefox, so StackEdit still doesn’t work for me on Firefox. But I can use it on Chrome just fine.


yes more is needed, feel free to dump the evidence on this thread in the future

  1. that’s only a sample of 2 where you say ‘resetting’ it worked

  2. that’s only a case specific to firefox users

  3. there’s nothing related about chrome / firefox that a random site call ‘stackedit’ would be the cause of this problem

  4. as evidence, i tested it right now

  5. i opened a new profile on chrome where the settings are diff, and it works completely fine

  6. this is obviously a cookie or some other actually sensible problem/issue

  7. so it shows you dont know anything about web clients like chrome/firefox or websites at all

  8. but neither do i, so its ok, someone would know eventually…

  9. much more importantly tho, is that you dont know what good evidence actually is

  10. that is not any evidence for why that would work for firefox?

  11. please go and study some basic science since ‘evidence’ is a basic everyone needs to understand

  12. please also go read into the meaning of ‘why’ as it is also a common word used in society

thank you, pick up a textbook, there’s many digital ones (i think?)


If you have it working in Chrome with a different profile, then why can’t you just compare the profiles yourself and discover which settings are different between the one that’s working and the one that isn’t? Why can’t you just apply the scientific method yourself?


you dont sound like you’ve read up on

  • how web works
  • what science is
  • or what evidence is