Table of Contents for HTML Version


The table of contents that StackEdit produces I consider to be one of it’s great value adds though I noticed that the TOC for the PDF version goes to more levels than the HTML version. Any chance you might get the HTML version to go one more level deep?


Indeed, you can:

  1. Copy the “Styled HTML with TOC” into a new template
  2. Replace {{#tocToHtml files.0.content.toc 2}}{{/tocToHtml}} with {{#tocToHtml files.0.content.toc 3}}{{/tocToHtml}}, or remove the number to have a full depth TOC


Awesome! Most appreciated.


Benoit, the TOC in StakEdit looks marvelous with indents and size differences and this is reflected in the PDF version. Any chance this could also be replicated in the Styled HTML version of the document?


I have the same question.


Same question from me.
Possibly create my own css?


I used a bit of a brute force approach.

Downloaded locally.
Added this at the bottom

.stackedit__toc ul ul{
	padding-left: 15px;

Then referenced the local version of the .css file.

If that helps.