StackEdit forgot that I sponsored


I sponsored for $5 or $10, don’t remember which. During that session I was able to export PDFs and use other sponsors-only features. But after that session, SE is displaying the suggestion to sponsor on the top again and blocking me from using sponsor-only features.

What should I do? The only way I’ve ever authenticated with SE is using my google account. It has also forgotten about my linked google drives.


Update: I clicked the “sponsor” link in the top, intending to just pay another $5 to get my work done right now, and it asked me to authenticate with google and as soon as I did it seemed to remember that I was already a sponsor.

It seems that SE, when opened under certain circumstances, isn’t aware of my identity. In my case how I opened it is I right-clicked a markdown file in Google Drive, and selected “open with > StackEdit”. Using that workflow seems to result in my being in an instance of the app that doesn’t have my auth identity loaded up.