Self hosted StackEdit with Docker


Hi everybody,

I’d like to use StackEdit for a personal journal on my server.
Do you see any option to run StackEdit in a self-hosted dockerized environment?

  • GitHub is currently not working due to

  • I don’t “trust” the Google Drive connection, because it syncs to some sort of Google Drive hidden “App Store” and I can’t access the markdown files from my actual Google Drive.

  • I don’t have a CouchDB instance running. Question: Is it possible to have CouchDB and StackEdit in one docker compose so that they communicate via backend?

  • I don’t have GitLab


  • I wouldn’t have a problem setting up a CouchDB, but I don’t like the fact that it has to be public, because the communication is probably done from the front end. Is there any other way to wire up StackEdit in docker with a CouchDB in the backend?

  • Is there any way to patch the affected GitHub code that’s responsible for authentication? Or are there forks of StackEdit that fix that issue?


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