SE explorer folder doesn't match folder in gitlab


This may be related to Gitlab - Some files are not listed in SE .

I have a gitlab repository that contains a static blog within the directory structure of the repository. The tree is below.

`-- stackedit-environment
    |-- templates
    |-- toblogabout
    `-- zen-techie-blog
        |-- archetypes
        |-- content
        |   |-- about
        |   |-- blog
        |   |-- new_drafts
        |   |-- new_posts
        |   |-- old-blog
        |   |-- posts
        |   `-- resources
        |       `-- _gen
        |           |-- assets
        |           `-- images
        |-- layouts
        |   `-- partials
        |-- resources
        |   `-- _gen
        |       |-- assets
        |       `-- images
        `-- static
            `-- js

So, everything under stackedit-environment should be accessible from Stackedit-io. Blog changes are effected by adding, deleting, changing files under zen-techie-blog.content.

I’m in the process now of porting over old blogs. Not all of these files were added through Stackedit-io – but here’s the crazy part: The files that were added directly from git are visible, while the files that had been added from Stackedit-io stopped showing up after the files added directly by git were added.

All files are visible in the gitlab repository. But not all files in the directory are visible (10 of 20 files are visible), and not all folders in the zen-techie-blog directory are visible, either. (2 of 7 folders there are visible.)

I think some folders aren’t visible because there are no *.md files in them, or because they have a folder within a folder that contains the *.md files. ( Can I get a verification on this? Are folders invisible when no markdown is in them? )

As I look at now, there were three sets of files: an older, live blog, with entries that were added through git, a newer blog, with entries written only through stack-edit, and sample blog entries, which were added via git. I see 9 files from the older, live blog, and 1 from the newer blog … making for 10 files in all.

10 seems like a nice, round number – is there any chance there is a limit of the number of files in a folder that can be accessed from the explorer?