Questions about the stackedit api or node properties


Author of stackedit Hello, I can’t find the property I want to set when I use this plugin, like

  1. After an event is triggered, when the editor is initialized, the editor itself is very large, I just want to show it in a specific div, what property should I set?
  2. When the editor opens, I want to set it to the presentation mode, which is the reader mode in the app. There is no unified place to show how to set those properties. If it is like zTree, or I am too stupid, Did not find
    Looking forward to your reply

关于 stackedit api 或者 节点属性的疑问

stackedit 的作者 您好, 我在使用此插件的时候,无法找到我想设置的属性,比如

  1. 在某事件触发后,初始化编辑器时 ,编辑器本身很大,我只想要在特定的div内展现它,我该设置什么属性
  2. 在编辑器打开时 我想设置为 展示模式 也就是 app 中 的 reader mode , 没有一个统一的地方能够展现如何设置那些属性, 如果能像 zTree 一样就好了, 或者说 是我太蠢了, 没能找到