Page break in PDF export



I want to add some page breaks when exporting to PDF. ¿Is it possible?
It would help to organize the PDF (for example, start a new page before H1, etc.) and also allow me having a cover for example.



I’ve been using various types of markdown for 3 years and I’ve never heard of a pagebreak code for markdown. However, when I convert my markdown to an EPUB file I get a new page for each header level 1, but that’s a function of the EPUB creator (Pandoc), not markdown.

I do not think it’s possible. If markdown is converted to HTML and the HTML is displayed on screen, there is no need for HTML to have a page break. But I can see when you make a PDF you might want a page break.

Markua is a more advanced form of markdown with many more features. Have you looked into that? I don’t think Stackedit supports Markua though.