Newbie Harvard outline style: to restart indented ordered list number


I typically use markdown to create outlines. Any idea how to change and restart numbering. In the example bellow I want the inner numbering to be lower case letters starting from a.

 4. who are you?
	 a. How did you choose your major?
	 b. what were your favorite classes
	 7. what makes you happy?
	 8. what do you think you might want to do after school

I am using stackedit on gdriver and chrome


Markdown itself doesn’t allow for specifying bullet / list markers, but you may be able to render your preferred style with custom CSS.

See for documentation on CSS styling of list markers.

See Write custom CSS in templates for documentation on custom CSS for StackEdit.

Depending on how you render your Markdown files as HTML, you may be able to add sections to your Markdown and have them apply to your output. That doesn’t seem to work in StackEdit, but I’ve not investigated that too deeply.