Need a customized CSS HowTo



I love StackEdit! That said, I can’t seem to find a unified resource on how to customize CSS styling for my Styled HTML exports.

For instance - simple things like changing the background color of a code block - how would I do this in Stackedit? I saw one reference to a Custom YAML entry but it didn’t seem to work for me (perhaps it was for a previous version).

Anyway, any help or guide would be much appreciated.



Do you know some CSS? Just modify this file: to your liking, then upload it (e.g. Github Gist, then copy the raw link and paste it in this site:, copy the new link) Put your custom css link in a new template (e.g. copy default template) here:
<link rel=“stylesheet” href=“YOUR-LINK-TO-CUSTOM.CSS”/>
Then donate to the project and you are ready!!


There you go: