Is there a way to choose a google drive folder for the default space?


I’ve been working on the main space, the files are backed up in google drive. I know this because I logged in cognito to check. But I can’t see them anywhere in my drive.

I created a new workspace and this time around I was able to specify a google drive folder - which is what I wanted for the main space

Is there a way to either

  1. change the google drive folder for the main workspace
  2. remove the default workspace
  3. change the default workspace to be a new one

(I completely modified this question before anyone wrote anything, sorry)


By default stackedit syncs to the “Google Drive app data folder”. In my understanding this app data folder isn’t accessible through the google drive directory structure so you won’t “see” it in your google drive. But you can make stackedit save to a specific google drive folder.

Go to
Menu > Synchronize > Save on Google Drive

This will let you specify any folder in your drive. Then you can see the stackedit files.


Hi, I have created a website for the logistics company LogisticMart. They are now operating in Indian cities. Recently I have created a new page
How can I choose a google drive folder for saving enquiry data for default space?