How to use the table of contents from the side bar?


Hi all,

I’m visually impaired and using a screen reader with StackEdit. Everything is quite speech-friendly within the app, but I have a question about using the table of contents. Since the [TOC] marker seems not to work anymore when inserting in in my Document, I’ve noticed that there’s a “table of contents” item in the side bar. As I’m using only the keyboard, I hit Enter on this option and it indeed displays a table of contents of my different heading. However, how can I insert this where I want in my document? Or, is it only made to show you what a table of contents is? thanks, I already know what it is! :slight_smile: After all, it may be only there to navigate in the preview… :frowning:
Thanks for any help.



Got any answer?
I’m trying to add the table of content too.


Unfortunately not :frowning:


I hope you sorted it out, but just in case (and for any newbie who may be reading):

The sidebar included in the editor is more like a tool for you to navigate your doc.

Stackedit comes with some nice styled templates (and you could make your own) that simulate that behaviour when you export. However, in my experience they don’t scale really well.

If you want a [TOC] marker to display a table of contents in the classical way when you save your doc, check out benweet’s guide for making a custom template that allows that. You will need some extra HTML knowledge to understand what is going on, but it works nicely.
Caveat: It wont preview while you’re working.