How to use the table of contents from the side bar?


Hi all,

I’m visually impaired and using a screen reader with StackEdit. Everything is quite speech-friendly within the app, but I have a question about using the table of contents. Since the [TOC] marker seems not to work anymore when inserting in in my Document, I’ve noticed that there’s a “table of contents” item in the side bar. As I’m using only the keyboard, I hit Enter on this option and it indeed displays a table of contents of my different heading. However, how can I insert this where I want in my document? Or, is it only made to show you what a table of contents is? thanks, I already know what it is! :slight_smile: After all, it may be only there to navigate in the preview… :frowning:
Thanks for any help.



Got any answer?
I’m trying to add the table of content too.


Unfortunately not :frowning: