How to enable abc notation?


New user here. I found this app when looking for a tool that can edit abc notation music files. I found that abc is mentioned among the extension options, but I cannot get it to turn on.
My custom settings look like this:

        enabled: true

But, the preview panel still my “” file is a markdown file. Can anyone show me how to turn this on?



Well, I found part of my answer. By adding 3 back ticks and abc
to the top of my abc file I can get the StackEdit preview to render it as music notation.
However, what I’m hoping that someone can tell me is how to have StackEdit recognize that the abc file name extension means that it should turn on abcjs for the entire file.


Oh, I completely missed the fact that StackEdit is a Markdown editor, not a general purpose plaintext editor with nifty display features.
Sorry for my confusion.