Grammarly wipes out end of line code in plain text



With a lot of joy, I am running StackEdit on my ChromeBook and sync it with GoogleDrive.

I was happy to see that my Grammarly extension for GoogleChrome (spell and grammar checker) also (seems) to work within StackEdit.

However, after correcting all errors in the plain text, Grammarly seems to have wiped out all the end of line code (is it the “-”?) so that the 52 line document became a 2 line document - one long string.

Huh, not StackEdits “fault” or “problem” but would it not be nice if Grammarly just would not behave in this way, then one would have a quite good spell checker for StackEdit.

Luckily there is the history function and I could easily restore an earlier version (albeit with no spell check).

Spell and grammar checking is very important for me and I am wondering if Grammarly could work properly with StackEdit. It seems to work here, hope that it is not making this post unreadable.


  • Does StackEdit have its own spell checker (which I might have overlooked)?
  • If not, is the feature spellchecker in the pipeline - I could imagine that many users could benefit from it and as far as I can see other Markdown editors do not have a spell checker.
  • Would it be Grammarly’s task to not allow it to behave in this way or can something be done on the side of StackEdit to prevent Grammarly from deleting code?

Kind regards