GitLab Integration has broken


I have been using with for quite some time now. Recently, I noticed that my changes weren’t appearing in GitLab. The Workspace still shows in the UI, everything is normal, except for the little “HTTP 401” black box in the bottom right corner that I guess I didn’t notice.

relevant: GitLab just upgraded to version 15, and appears to have removed the implicit grant oauth flow: (link removed due insufficient access)

When I try to sync, this request returns status 401 - (link removed due insufficient access)
When I try to create a new workspace, the Link your **GitLab** account to **StackEdit** dialog sends me to
(link removed due insufficient access)
which returns
The authorization server does not support this response type.

I also tried to create a new oauth application identity on GitLab, with the “confidential” box checked. Same thing.