Getting 404 on Google Drive Workspace


I recently started getting a 404 error when working on files in my Google Drive workspace. The files will no longer sync. I tried logging out and back in, clearing cookies, creating a new Google Drive folder, deleting Google Drive access and re-granting access, but the problem persists. The actual Google login and granting access to the SE app seems to be working fine.

In the network calls from the browser, there is an OPTION call to that succeeds with 200 but then the same URL with PATCH fails with a 404 error.

Anyone have any suggestions?


After a month of getting 404s whenever StackEdit tried syncing with my Google drive, it inexplicably just started working again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Back to the same problem again. Getting a 404 and local files are not getting saved to the Google Drive folder.