Folder syncing for providers


I have been evaluating stackedit for a pet project of mine. Could it be possible to sync a directory instead of a file


You will sync all directories if you set up syncing in your workspaces.

Each new workspace you create is like a brand new stackedit install… so organise however you see fit.

You can create a workspace for one specific folder you want synced somewhere special, and then have workspace 2 for all your other folders and files… Whatever you create in a workspace will only show up within that workspace.

My first default workspace syncs to Google Drive (this backs up all my other workspace data, like how many workspaces I have and where they all sync to)… I don’t ever write from that one - just personal choice…

My main writing workspace is set up to sync to my private Gitlab repo, so I click on Workspace 2 and it opens another stackedit app window…

It periodically syncs, I have never been out of sync or lost data, even after a Chrome crash.

Also, I can Publish to the repo individual files, which I usually publish to a special folder within my repo but creating a folder this way in the repo will NOT create the folder in stackedit.

The workspace sync process will commit your stackedit folders and files to git automatically and if the next sync interval detects changes, it commits again.

Basically, workspace sync commits to your repo exactly how your directory tree within stackedit looks… It will create the same folders inside your repo that you created in stackedit… and it will commit the files to the appropriate folders. At the end of the sync process, your repo would look exactly how your stackedit directory tree looks. (plus any folders you created by publishing or perhaps pathed to other workspaces)

For even more organisation, you can set the project path for the workspace to commit/sync to a folder within your repo… So you could have folders within your repo for different workspaces, and within those folders would be a mirror image of the stackedit folders and files for their respective workspaces…

I only work with Gitlab, so can’t comment on how syncing the stackedit directory tree works if you set up a different source other than Gitlab to sync to.

Experiment with branches and project paths to achieve advanced organisation!

But to answer your question… you can only Publish files…

Your best bet is to just sync to a gitlab repo your entire stackedit space, and then you can even go in the repo yourself using git and do whatever you want once stackedit has synced and commited.