Feature Request: Document Map sidebar


I like stackedit.io… but I really miss having a “Document Map” sidebar similar to Microsoft Word, or typora markdown editor… A “document map” is just too convenient for jumping around in a long document when I have a hierarchical map of the document based on the header levels in the document… Any chance for the developer to add this feature to the application in the future? All you need is another tab in the left sidebar for DOCMAP…


But have you checked the “Table of Contents” option for outlining from options menu, accessable from stackedit icon at top-right.

The ToC is displayed as separate bar on the right side, instead of desired left. It’s also updates itself realtime.

It even worked (for me atleast), on 5" old Nexus 5x with Android 8, if using only one view at once, as screen-space is premium there.