Feature Request: Dark/Night Mode 🌙?


Surely I could guarantee it that would help tonnes of users. Let me know if this feature would be popular or feasible. I’m praying my eyes will one day be blessed.


This is available already if you go to the right sidebar, scroll to “Settings” and go over to the “Default Settings” tab and copy the text there, then tab over to where it says “Custom Settings” beside the default tab.

Paste in your copied text, and near the top it will have a line which says “ColorTheme: light” you will want to change the word “light” to “dark”.


Thank you! I should have fiddled around some more.


‘Settings’ is always the first place I check out after signing up for a new account somewhere or trying out a new app… I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting in that habit too :wink:

Just for more clarity for those who may come across this later:

The ‘custom’ tab might only need to include the lines of settings which you change to be different from the default options; however when I tried doing that I had parsing errors and the settings wouldn’t save… so this is why I suggest copying all the defaults over to the custom tab even if you only want to change one thing - you save the exact formatting of the settings this way.


Thanks. By the way, in the shortcuts section of settings, do you know how to bind certain key combinations to the arrow keys? I’m trying to remap the keyboard so that I can navigate a bit like VIM. I want to use IJKL, however.

I’ve tried up, arrow-up, upkey, etc, and I can’t seem to find the right setting. Or perhaps there isn’t one.