Existing Google Drive text documents invisible to Stack Edit


I was hoping StackEdit would just “Sync” to a Google Drive folder in a Two-Way manner, meaning it publishes it’s files there, and it also “imports” new files it finds there. For example, I had a couple
*.txt files sitting loose in that folder, but when I load up stack edit, they don’t exist.

Gitlab - Some files are not listed in SE

I just installed StackEdit on a Chromebook this morning. When I connected to my GDrive account the Google Verification gave me an option of seeing only files created by Stackedit or more. I can’t remember how much more I was offered, but I went with “Created Only” for security reasons.

Perhaps if you revoke your GDrive access & re-authorise you will see more options in the dialog…

Regards, Phil


Thank you, I didn’t remember I had restricted access. This fixed it, once I signed out completely.