Document Sync Hiccup?


I started a document on my laptop which was synced to google drive. Then I worked on the document on my desktop for almost a week. When I pulled it up on my laptop today I seem to have gotten a mixed old and new version. The new stuff I had added on the desktop was there though there seemed to be old stuff at the bottom of the file that I had deleted. Maybe I’m hallucinating thought I don’t think so.

StackEdit keeps corrupting/switching/confusing my text

While I see that StackEdit syncs quite often it seems it’s probably a good idea for me to hit the sinc button just before I leave just to make sure. Or am I overthinking the situation?


I notice weird sync behavior when using across multiple devices as well.


I get this all the time! Things I’ve deleted come back and are inserted in the middle of other content. It’s bad and it’s ruining the experience for me to the point that I don’t think I can continue to use it and will need to find another service.

I was using, but they are shutting down and suggested exporting my data to StackEdit. I never had synchronization problems with Classeur, it was very reliable.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I manually hit sync or not. I’m syncing to a Google Drive account. I use this app on a couple of different laptops and occasionally a mobile device.


My experience is that it seems to happen when I delete/move major sections and then move from one machine to another. Currently, I always sync just before I quit and when I open the document next time I wait for a sync before I do anything.

Whatever the problem is I’m sure Benoit will get it fixed. I’ve found him most responsive.


I guess I"m now agreeing with Bolivar. I’ve got to find another environment as this isn’t going to cut it. I’ve been working on this document on my laptop for the past two days. Then after now working on it for several hours, I set down at my desktop machine to work on it and after it sync’d with google drive it looks like it’s gonna take me several hours to clean up all the places it’s screwed up. It put pack sections I deleted. Added updated sections back in between old sections. This is way to ugly to deal with more than once. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!


Suppose the last thing I do before leaving the machine I’m working on I save the content as a .md file. Then when I go to another machine I load the .md file rahter than use the sync which seems to be really screwed up when I move from one machine to another.


Do you guys still have this issue with v5.11?


Beloit… didn’t know 5.11 was supposed to fix the problem. I’ll test in a couple hours and let you know.

I knew there was a new car though even when I found the list of changes they were a bit cryptic. Where’s the doc for the new markdowns extensions? Maybe you could post new updates as a thread here with explanations for us not smarter than a fifth grader like me. Thanks.


Benoit, sorry about the fat-fingering on my cell phone, big fingers, small keys.

Just loaded up the last desktop update on my laptop and things seem to be fine. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if there’s a hiccup. Thanks for all the support.


So far so good… :crossed_fingers:t3:
When did you deploy 5.11?


I snooped on GitHub. I’m not sure, but I think it might be the changes you pushed this morning that have made a difference…

Thanks Ben!


Okay, it’s really working! 100% better! I doubt my whining was what motivated the fix, but I appreciate the product and the work you’ve put in. Thanks!


Just an FYI on this. StackEdit keeps ruining some larger files of mine to the point where I can’t reliably use it anymore. The files are so garbled they look like aramaic or greek. I’m running StackEdit 5 and sync with google drive on a chromebook and an iMac. Opened another file this morning to only see an absolute mess of garbled text and extra returns etc. I can’t keep using this as this last file was days of work and now it’s going to be hours and hours to rewrite it. Currently looking in google drive to see if there is a version or going to have to restore hopefully from timemachine a version that hasn’t been turned into french. I am now wondering WHY this is doing this as it was a good solution for Chromebook users that like markdown and syncing work from larger form devices.


I save a .2nd version of every file I edit just before I exit. Seems things get royally messed up when I copy and paste any sizeable amount of stuff.


Sadly, it’s rendered this unusable. Just restored a file from timemachine backup but then went to open to work on another… yup…all gobbly gook. Who knows how many files are like this now.