DigitalOcean Enhancements?


I found this site from trying to figure out how DigitalOcean creates their tutorials.
They have a couple of really nice custom Markdown enhancements for server building docs allowing easy copying of code blocks:

  1. Ability to prevent copy of code prompt, so if the line is
    $ sudo apt update
    you can copy whole line but you only select sudo apt update - without the $ which will break the command if pasted too

  2. Adding a copy link to a code block that changes to ‘copied’ when you click it ( copying to clipboard)


see both in action live here in their markdown tool:

The problem is that DigitalOcean offer no way to export the generated HTML and hitting F12 and cutting the preview window is really ugly because there is so much other HTML in the page - some of which will be necessary - but which part?
Is Stackedit extensible such that these features could be added ? Where do I go to research this?