Could Someone Help with Exporting HTML Files in StackEdit?


Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope everyone having a wonderful day. I have been using stackedit for a while and find it very handy for my html editing requirements. Yet; I recently faced a problem with exporting html files, and I am hoping someone here can help.

I have been working on a project that requires me to export my html files to many formats, including pdf; html; and word documents. While stackedit has export choices, I have noticed that the result does not always fit my formatting requirements and show some elements correctly.

  • When exporting to pdf, I have found that the layout and styling do not always match what I see in the stack edit preview. Is it possible to adjust the pdf export factors and ensure that the generated pdf has the same formatting as the original html file?
  • I regularly need to convert html files to Javascript for web publishing. Yet, I have noticed difficulty maintaining linked images and unique css styles. Are there any guidelines for exporting text to html while keeping these aspects unchanged?
  • I frequently have to share papers in Word format. While StackEdit can export to docx format, I have found that complex html structures and columns do not always change well. Are there guidelines for improving html to Word conversions and maintaining compatibility with microsoft word?

Also I explored some topics related to this but I did not get the sufficient solution of my query so I would really want to get some help from a more experienced person.

Also interested are any plugins and additional programs that work well with stack edit to improve export possibilities. Either it is improving pdf generation, adjusting html results, and reducing docx format exports. I am excited to look into options that will improve my process.

I would love to hear :heart: about your experiences generating html files using Stack Edit. What challenges have you faced and how did you solve them as well?

Any ideas and suggestions you could provide would be highly appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your efforts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: