Collaboration Help


I have read it is possible to have multiple people connected together to collaborate on documents. I get pretty close. Others can see what I have created and see my changes once they sync but I can’t see anything they do. what am I missing?

Using Google Drive. Created a shared folder and sent them the link to the folder. They can connect to my workspace and see my files on the left explorer view but if they create a file it does not show up in our shared google drive folder and I still cant see it




Also trying to figure out how to get multiple people to collaborate on the same doc.

Is there a step-by-step instruction or video around?

I really can’t figure it out. Looked at it for 15 minutes.

  • Synced Google Account - selected only share StackEdit-created docs
  • Set permissions to “Anyone can edit” in Google Docs
  • Tried to access from another browser using StackEdit, did not see how
  • Shared Google Doc with another Google account
  • Tried to access from another browser using StackEdit w/ that Google account, did not see how

Wanted to use StackEdit but now will probably turn over to HackMD. Please let me know if this process becomes more straightforward!



Still a mystery after all these months?


Check out my reply on Collaboration and user rights